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  • Traditional & flexible benefits
  • Health & wellness solutions
  • Short-term & long-term disability management
  • Financial management, incl.  renewals, marketings, funding arrangements, & risk management
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • Claims & audits
  • Preferred provider arrangements
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • International operations
  • Employee communications & support
  • Day-to-day service

Explore BH

  • Defined Contribution plan design
  • Defined Benefit investment consulting
  • RRSPs and DPSPs
  • Executive retirement needs
  • Retirement readiness and plan-effectiveness review
  • Financial analysis
  • Investment research and performance monitoring, including menu design and manager search, selection, and management
  • Record-keeper search and fee benchmarking
  • Retirement committee support
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • International operations
  • Employee communications and support
  • Day-to-day service

Explore IR

  • Board and Compensation Committee advisory services
  • Compensation philosophy and principles
  • Market pricing and competitive pay benchmarking
  • Short- and long-term incentive plans
  • Supplemental executive retirement plans and benefits
  • CD&A and proxy disclosure
  • Executive employment, severance and change of control agreements
  • Special situations (i.e. M&A, executive succession, IPOs, etc.)
  • Board of directors compensation plan review and design
  • Education and training services
  • Governance best practices
  • Executive pay-for-performance analysis
  • International operations
  • Total compensation statements

Explore EC

  • Compensation philosophy and strategy
  • Custom & in-depth market benchmarking
  • Job evaluation
  • Salary structure development
  • Job architecture/frameworks
  • Incentive plan design
  • Pay equity review & compliance
  • Total compensation statements
  • Employee communications & support
  • Day-to-day service

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Since 1997, Accompass, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services (Canada) Group Inc.,  has brought a unique level of attention and expertise to the design and management of its clients’ programs. Our name represents how we accompany our clients at every step, what we accomplish together, and how all encompassing our approach is.

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How do you create an aligned retirement plan when the company was formed through multiple acquisitions?

What can you do when an employee value-add program is expensive and time consuming?

How can you align two benefit plans but keep the two companies as separate entities?

If you have a problem, if you have something that’s important to you, it’s important to them.

Danny Di Marco

Vice President of Finance & CFO, Ahearn & Soper Inc.

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