Broad–based Compensation

The right broad-based compensation program is not just fair, competitive, and cost-effective – it stimulates employee behaviour that advances the goals of your company.

Think strategically

Compensation is a system of signals you send to your employees – about what you value, where you’re headed, and how everyone fits. Our work designing innovative total compensation packages and incentives programs starts with understanding your company’s strategic objectives.

Gain support at every step

We engage with your leadership teams, decision makers, and employees – either at your side or on your behalf – until your compensation strategy and programs capture your people’s hearts and achieve your intended outcomes.

Turn data into knowledge

We’ve mastered the art of the spreadsheet so you don’t have to. Our financial analyses explore more possibilities. And our anonymous surveys, benchmarking exercises, and proprietary studies help you understand how much your employees earn compared to their peers.

Comply with legislation

We review compensation, show your current standing, and develop plans that keep you compliant with the Pay Equity Act and other legislation.

Make total rewards count

With a capacity for administrative complexity, technical integration, and sensitivity in communications, we provide Total Compensation Statements that give employees a positive sense of how much they’re valued.

Capabilities At A Glance

  • Compensation philosophy and strategy
  • Custom & in-depth market benchmarking
  • Job evaluation
  • Salary structure development
  • Job architecture/frameworks
  • Incentive plan design
  • Pay equity review & compliance
  • Total compensation statements
  • Employee communications & support
  • Day-to-day service

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