Do you combine an uncommon passion for going above and beyond in the service of clients with deep expertise in benefits, retirement, investment, or compensation? Then our team might be right for you. In 2018 Accompass was recognized as a Top 100 Employer in Canada among small and medium sized employers.

We currently have the following opportunities:

Share our values

You are our only client.

Take the time to get to know them. Understand their business. Appreciate their uniqueness. Own their worries. Advance their goals. Bring things to their attention and take things off their desk.

Yesterday was not good enough.

Celebrate successes, and then surpass them. See new possibilities. Bring new ideas to the table. Try something different. Push yourself.

Build higher together.

Contribute to the conversation. Break down silos and think across roles. Share responsibility. Build on your teammates’ experience, insight, and good work – and let others build on yours.

Turn gracefully on a dime.

Whether it’s change in the industry or an unexpected call from a client, master the art of responsiveness. Be proactive. Stay flexible. Manage expectations. Respond to changing conditions swiftly and strategically.

Nail every detail.

Uncover what others miss. Grasp the nuances. Prize accuracy and precision. Everything we do is a signal that says, “Nothing escapes us. We’re worthy of your trust.”

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