Executive Compensation

We provide independent consulting expertise to publicly traded organizations, privately held businesses, and broader public sector entities on the strategy, design, and governance of compensation for CEOs, senior leaders, key employees, and non-employee directors.

A trusted advisor to boards and management

Boards of directors need independent compensation experts who can work with management to develop smarter solutions; management needs advisors who understand their goals and vision. Our team of senior professionals combines a well-established reputation, strong credentials, and vast experience to provide trusted advice to both boards and management.

Compensation philosophies designed to perform

We assist you in developing an executive compensation philosophy based upon principles that reward sustained long-term corporate performance. This results in compensation programs that are consistent with your pay philosophy and supportive of your business strategy.

Executive pay benchmarking beyond the obvious

For executive compensation benchmarking to be valuable, you must look beyond the numbers. We select peers based on your compensation philosophy and business strategy, and translate the data into clear and concise recommendations.

Incentive plans that drive results

Well-designed incentive plans continue to perform in the most challenging conditions. We analyze every element of your incentive plan to ensure you have the right design, metrics, and targets to drive organizational performance and prevent unintended consequences. 

Good governance and disclosure to the highest standard

Executive compensation plans must withstand intense scrutiny from stakeholders, media, and regulatory agencies. Good governance and transparency guide every aspect of our work, including the preparation of Compensation Discussion & Analysis (CD&A) disclosure.

The true meaning of total rewards

The true value of executive compensation extends beyond salary and incentives; it also includes health benefits, pension plans, and other perquisites. We accurately measure the true value of total rewards for senior leaders, and deliver comprehensive solutions that include the full range of benefits.

Capabilities At A Glance

  • Board and Compensation Committee advisory services
  • Compensation philosophy and principles
  • Market pricing and competitive pay benchmarking
  • Short- and long-term incentive plans
  • Supplemental executive retirement plans and benefits
  • CD&A and proxy disclosure
  • Executive employment, severance and change of control agreements
  • Special situations (i.e. M&A, executive succession, IPOs, etc.)
  • Board of directors compensation plan review and design
  • Education and training services
  • Governance best practices
  • Executive pay-for-performance analysis
  • International operations
  • Total compensation statements

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