June 7, 2017 in Benefits & Health

How Satisfied Are Employees With Their Benefits?


The Importance of Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is important. There is always room for improvement when employers organize and evaluate benefits plans for members. Investigating how satisfied a plan member is with their plan can indicate how many adjustments should be made in the future.

Improving Benefits Plans

If employees are generally very satisfied with their plan, minor tweaks should be incorporated in the future plan. On the contrary, a large number of dissatisfied employee could call for a plan overhaul. Our research provided good news when it comes to employee satisfaction with their benefits plan.

Employee Satisfaction with their Benefits Plans

The Fresh Perspectives on Group Benefits report surveyed employees with existing benefits plans to determine overall satisfaction levels. That number is consistently high across all generations in the workforce.


plan member satisfaction

58% like their benefits plan very much.

36% say their plan somewhat meets their needs.

Evidently the majority of employees like their benefits plan very much. This is good news for both employees and employers. Despite this positive outcome, there are still approximately 36% of members who are only somewhat satisfied with their plan.

Future Research and Results

The next questions we have is: how do employers identify what employees want in their plan to improve their satisfaction? Accompass’ comprehensive report answers this question and more.

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