What can you do when an employee value-add program is expensive and time consuming?

The challenge

One of our clients offers employees who are close to retirement a full-day session, providing them with information and resources to help them determine what their retirement might look like. However, organizing the sessions was time consuming and costly for the client, and the content needed to be current and relevant for the participants.

The Accompass touch

We could see the effectiveness in these sessions and knew it was a valuable offering for their employees, but a burden for their HR team. As part of our consulting arrangement, Accompass took on the sessions, building out an agenda, and working with providers to develop fulsome presentations and materials, creating and delivering content that not only educated on the financial aspects of retirement, but addressed the emotional ones that can often be overlooked.

The outcome

Our client can continue to offer their employees these sessions. However, the improved sessions provide employees with even more helpful tools and resources as they near retirement. The icing on the cake – we’ve taken much of the heavy lifting off our client’s shoulders, providing time and cost savings for them.