June 28, 2017 in Benefits & Health

The Top 6 Items on a Plan Member Wishlist


More than Just Benefits

Plan members don’t only take into consideration their benefits, they also consider the claims process, the variability, the types of drugs covered, and many other factors that plan sponsors evaluate when creating their plan.

Accompass sought out which aspects of the benefits plans members felt needed the most improvement. These are important considerations for plan sponsors when building their next benefits plans for employees.

What Plan Members Would Like to Improve

If there was anything to change, here’s what plan members would like to improve when asked for their top two priorities:


plan member wishlist

30% – Higher limits

25% – Easier claims process

24% – New types of coverage

24%  More flexibility

20% – Reduced co-pay or deductible

20% – Expanded list of drugs covered

A Closer Look

While many of these are obvious expectations for a plan member wish list (more coverage, higher limits) the ranking of “easier claims process” at #2 suggests that plan sponsors should continue to factor “process” into benefit plan improvements, as “ease of use” is clearly of value to plan members.

It’s notable that among the youngest generation of workers (Gen Z from ages 18 to 24) “easier claims process” was the number one desired improvement (35%), outranking higher limits and new types of coverage.

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